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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Dock Tricks [mac]

john clark - 1:46 AM
Recent Items Stack

Stacks are truly the handy addition to the Macintosh s dock as well as the good individuals at just Macintosh OS X Hints figured out a method to make them extra useful by creating a stack which by default contains the most recent applications.
These could of course feel found under the Apple menu also though it s a lot more convenient to have them correct within the dock.

To accomplish this feat, simply copy and additionally paste the line below into Terminal.
defaults write persistent-others -array-add '{ "tile-data" = { "list-type" = 1; }; "tile-type" = "recents-tile"; }'
Once you ve completed which command, type “killall Dock” to relaunch the dock with the brand new stack.

Stacks List View

Use the snippet below in Terminal to activate a really nice appearing list see in stacks complete with icons along with a scroll bar.
defaults write use-new-list-stack -bool YESAs with the previous example, use “killall Dock” to make the change take effect.

Resizing Your Dock

If you mouse click and additionally drag the little divider bar in the dock, you may resize the entire dock without having going to System Preferences. Hold down option which will make proportional changes.Make use of the snippet below in Port to turn on a really cool looking list read in stacks complete with icons along with a scroll bar.

Force Magnify Dock

If you’re like me and have dock magnification permanently turned off, you can temporarily activate it by holding down ⌃⇧ while hovering over the dock.


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