Google Chrome blocks access to Twitpic for Malware risk ~ Hashtaginside
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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Google Chrome blocks access to Twitpic for Malware risk

john clark - 12:13 PM
Suddenly today Google Chrome start detecting since malware danger. Twitpic is truly one of the essential popular web site for Sharing photos and additionally video clips on Twitter. Twitpic denies there is not a malware in the web site and really is trying to contact Google.
We additionally notice that, Twitter profiles and additionally pages with Twitpic URL in tweets are really additionally blocked curretly by Stainless. A lot of people also complaining about this upon Google Assist forum.
An formal account from Twitpic via tweet,"Working to fix the google chrome malware see whenever checking out as this is simply not real or the case, attempting to contact google".
There are no farther along information yet accessible, we are going to update an individual soon !

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