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Thursday, January 3, 2013


China's 'pirate search engine' shuts down

john clark - 12:48 PM, one of China's most notorious pirate content search engines, has been shut down.

The website had been run by Chinese web fast Xunlei, that had previously planned to float on one of the You extra stock exchanges.
The share sale had been deserted last 12 months due to piracy concerns. Some technicians think the closure can feel part of fresh flotation effort.
A few months back the google search engine had been placed to the You Trade Representative's report on top of major copyright laws offenders.
Within the report the USTR commented: "This excellent Chinese-based web site facilitates the obtaining and additionally distribution of pirated singing and movies, not just through deep-linking services, but also by supplying cyberlocker facilities and also through a unique innovative high-speed P2P [peer-to-peer] file-sharing system".


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