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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Filtration system being put in place to reopen YouTube

john clark - 12:47 AM

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority directed internet provider services and cellular telephone companies to unblock YouTube on top of Dec 29 but within some sort of hr the prime minister re-imposed the ban mainly because anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” had not been removed.

“We believe in access to free information. The only reason not to unblock YouTube is the presence of blasphemous material on it. We will open it as soon as we have a filtration mechanism,”” the prime minister said while addressing Safma delegates at the Governor’s House on Tuesday.

He said there should be no visa restriction for news individuals because they bring the people nearer and also recognize how to connect people. 
He said Pakistan attached significance to Saarc and also was actually loyal to its concepts and additionally goals. 
Pakistan, your man stated, supported liberalisation of Saarc trade in the area and additionally looked ahead to increasing bilateral and multilateral trade with organ nations.

“The collective wellbeing of people of South Asia cannot be left at the mercy of any one country. We need to resolve all political and economic issues with an open mind and sincerity of purpose.”

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