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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Over 5 Million Samsung Galaxy Note II sold In Its Domestic Market

john clark - 2:18 AM
Sales of Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 2 smartphone have exceeded the 5 million mark a couple months after it started sale internationally, a business spokesman stated Sunday.
The Galaxy Note 2 has got a five.5-inch display as well as a digital stylus. It took it is predecessor, the Galaxy Note, 5 weeks to hit the milestone.
The new phone is a a type of halfway house between a mobile along with a tablet PC.
Subsequently, Samsung's patent fight with Apple goes and today additionally includes the 6 latest Samsung products, such as the Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy S3 plus the Galaxy Tab 8.9 soon after Apple published fresh problems up to a California region courtroom.
Samsung consequently placed Apple's most recent iPhone 5 and iPad Small up to a suit in the iPhone 4 along with the iPad 2 it had submitted in April.
A senior Samsung executive stated, "Indeed there will feel no reconciliation. Apple cannot make smartphones with no utilizing Samsung's correspondence patents."  Saving Home Energy!

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