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Thursday, January 10, 2013

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Pokemon X and Y Coming in October [video]

john clark - 12:40 PM

Nintendo has just launched Pokemon X and also Y, a couple brand-new entries within the primary Pokemon series coming to 3DS globally in October.

These are really the first ever 3 Dimensional records inside the main Pokemon series, built around the features of the 3DS hardware. A short movie of the game ended up being shown in a Nintendo Direct broadcast today, showing off 3 brand new starter Pokemon, colourful 3D conditions and also some previous popular monsters rendered in 3D.

The three new starter Pokemon are grass-type chipmunk-with-a-hat Chespin, fire-type foxy Fennekin and also water-type frog-thing Froakie. This might be massively exciting for everyone into Pokemon - we've been ready and waiting fifteen working years for an actual 3 Dimensional Pokemon adventure.

Iwata even launched that Pokemon X and additionally Y is visiting players around the world simultaneously - October 2013 - dispensing with the long localisation times which have typically gone hand-in-hand with the show. CEO of The Pokémon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara had this report to make: "The globally launch of Pokémon X and also Pokémon Y the October empowers players to start their ventures at just the same time. Now, Pokémon fans all through entire world can discover the tips of Pokémon games and additionally can gather, battle, and additionally trade with each other immediately."
Series manager Junichi Masuda, meanwhile, said: "You brought Pokémon directly into a wholly brand new dimension therefore re extremely excited to bring Pokémon X and also Pokémon Y  to fans. The impressive visuals, an in its entirety redesigned environment, game scenario, singing, and additionally correspondence features can bring smiles to the faces of game players around the globe."
Possess a peek during the announcement movie below (and additionally then feel complimentary to spend the remainder of your day cheerful.)


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