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Friday, February 15, 2013

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Karachi to have World’s Tallest Building, Contract Signed

john clark - 11:58 AM
Based on the latest information reports, an agreement between Malik Riaz, Pakistani real estate King, and also Abu Dhabi group has got been closed. According to the agreement, Abu Dhabi group can construct World’s tallest Building in Karachi.

The investment created by Abu Dhabi group is really worth 45 Billion dollars of which 10 Billion dollars are going to be invested in Lahore and Islamabad. According to a quote, the investment can create job chances for 2.5 Billion Pakistanis. It is being also known as the biggest unknown financial investment within the history of Pakistan.
Under the contract, Athletics Region, International City, Media Town, Academic and Healthcare Region are going to be built in Pakistan’s economic capital. The private news channel mentioned that world’s Seven Miracles may also feel built as part of the project.

Reports mentioned miniatures world s 7 miracles might even be built in the project.

This excellent contract might give boost to over fifty-five areas in businesses, especially concrete, iron and glass production, the reports placed.

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