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Friday, January 11, 2013


Amazon giving you free MP3s for CDs you bought

john clark - 3:22 AM

Even better, customers who buy a brand new CD could receive their digital copy before the actual, physical CD arrives at just their doorstep.
"What would you assume if you purchased musical CDs from a business 15 years back, and additionally then 15 working years later that company licensed the liberties from all the record companies to provide you with the MP3 versions of these CDs ... and then to top it off of, did that for you by default and for complimentary? Fine, beginning now, it's available to every of our businesses customers -- past, present, and additionally long-term -- at just no cost," said Jeff Bezos, originator and additionally CEO.
AutoRip presently possess some 40,000 albums within its data source, with even more regarding the way. The quality of the toned MP3 CDs is 256 Kbps.
Users will have the ability to play their music via a web-based casino player too as any Cloud Casino player compatible pump, including Android and additionally iOS equipment, Kindle Shoot, Roku, Samsung Smart Televisions and also Sonos.
The service is now are living, and also users must be able to see a notice in their Cloud Casino player which AutoRip is operational.

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