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Thursday, January 10, 2013

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'Drinking Mirror' app aims to show how alcohol ages you

john clark - 1:35 PM

A brand new phone app is the latest weapon to feel launched alert people of the risks of consuming also a lot alcohol.
The appliance, that are downloaded from the internet on to smartphones and also desktops, shows people how their drinking behavior can affect their look in ten years, with a 'secret mirror'.
It permits users to upload photographs of themselves to see how they may young age if or when they carry on to drink at just their current pace.
The application is a component of the Scottish government's Drop A Glass Size venture, to support males and females to cut back when they regularly drink above the recommended alcohol tips.
A standard (175ml) glass of wine contains two.3 models, a container some ten units as well as a normal (ABV 4%) pint of lager two.3 units.


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